Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Academic Integrity - Student Violations Policy

All faculty must consistently follow the correct procedures in dealing with cases of academic integrity. Individual decisions or exceptions cannot be made.

  1. The faculty member making the complaint will provide to the Dean of the College where the course resides a signed statement fully describing the act of dishonesty, naming persons involved and witnesses, and listing all physical evidence. All physical evidence is to be secured, if possible, by the Dean
  2. The Dean will provide the student involved with written notification of the accusation of academic dishonesty, the identity of the faculty member making the complaint, and the procedures for resolving the case.
  3. The Dean will review the case based on the evidence presented, taking into consideration any recommendations of the instructor responsible for the academic exercise in which the act of academic dishonesty is alleged to have occurred. The Dean will make the final judgment and will provide the student written notification of the disposition.
  4. A student may ask for a reconsideration by the Dean if there are new facts or extenuating circumstances that were not brought to light in the initial review.
  5. A student may appeal the decision of the Dean to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Such an appeal would focus only on procedural due process issues.

All course grades would count in computing the cumulative GPA.