Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Administration and Staff

Xhenet Aliu

Athens Librarian & Instruction Coordinator

B.A., Southern Connecticut State University

M.F.A., University of North Carolina

M.L.S., University of Alabama

Rose Mariee Allison
Director of Human Resources
A.A., Truett McConnell College
B.B.A., Accounting, North Georgia College

Amy Amason

Vice President for Advancement

B.B.A., Washburn University

M.Ed., Northern Arizona University

Craig Amason

College Archivist and Director of Lillian E. Smith Center

B.A., M.A., Georgia College

M.L.N., Emory University

Jody Anderson

Associate Director, Financial Aid

B.A., Piedmont College

M.Div., Mercer University

Leesa P. Anderson

Assistant Controller

Ada Arrowood

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Services

Stephanie Austin-Campbell

Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

A.A., Gainesville College

B.S., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Marian Banks

Campus Security Officer

Soleyman Barin

Network Systems & Data Administrator

Certificate AMU Institute

B.S. Hadar Computer Institute

Alicia A. Barton

Administrative Assistant, School of Arts and Sciences

Julia Behr

Dean, R.H. Daniel School of Nursing & Health Sciences

B.S.N., M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia

D.N.P., University of Alabama

Nikki Blanchard
Admissions Advisor

Richard Blevins

Campus Security Officer

Brenda Boonstra

Director, Undergraduate Admissions

B.S., Calvin College

Joseph C. Brenes-Dawsey
Associate Dean for Library Assessment & Accreditation
Senior Librarian
A.F.A., Brevard College
B.Mus., University of Georgia
M.L.I.S., University of South Carolina

M.B.A., Piedmont College

Laura Briggs
Associate Director, Alumni Affairs
B.A., Piedmont College

Jacob Brooks
Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball
B.S., Truett McConnell College
M.B.A., Piedmont College

John S. Brooks

Ellucian Administrator

B.A., Piedmont College

Lisa Brookshire

Faculty Services and Budget Manager School of Education

B.A., M.P.A., Piedmont College

Jared Broughton

Associate Coach, Varsity Baseball
Assistant Coach, Junior Varsity Baseball

A.A., Vincennes University

B.A., University of Dayton

Alex Buchman
Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer
B.B.A, M.S.E., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Elizabeth E. Butikofer

Director, Daily Operations

Athletics Department

A.A., Keystone Junior College

B.S., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

M.S., Austin Peay State University

John E. Carmack, Jr.
Director, Data Resource Management
B.S., Colorado State University
M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

James Monroe Carney

Head Coach, Men & Women Cycling

B.A., Fort Lewis College

Brian Carter

Website Coordinator

B.A., Piedmont College

Kathleen Carter

Director, Graduate Enrollment Management

B.S., M.A., Hood College

Nicole Charles

Janitorial Assistant

Demorest Campus

Connor Chrisman
Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., East Stroudsburg University
M.S., West Virginia Wesleyan College

Ashley Clouatre

Manager, Office of Graduate Admissions

B.A., Piedmont College

Sydney Clouatre
Assistant, Admissions & Student Services
Athens Campus
B.S., University of Georgia

Bradley Cochran

Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

B.A., Shorter College

Sarah Cochran
Advisor, Financial Aid
B.A., Piedmont College

Katy Coker

Administrative Assistant, Walker School of Business

Demorest Campus

Dr. Kimberly Crawford

Associate Dean, Student Life

B.A., Reinhardt College

M.A.T., Georgia College & State University

Ed.D. University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Stephen Dague

Network Systems Administrator

Demorest Campus

Charlotte Davenport
Assistant Director, Resident Living
B.S., Reinhardt University

Calvin Diggs
Director, Student Activities and Wellness
B.S.,M.Ed., Jackson State University

Luke Dombrowsky

Maintenance, Lead-Ball Fields and Grounds

Demorest Campus

Kimberly Downs
Associate Director, Student Accounts

Timothy Dunton

Head Coach, Men’s Lacrosse

B.S., Endicott College

M.S., Lasell College

Krysti Elam
Development Coordinator
A.A.S, Athens Technical College
B.A., Piedmont College

Mark Elam
Director, Development

Tanya Elrod
Assistant, Maintenance, Grounds

Mitchell Evans
Campus Security Officer

Chris Falck

Maintenance Assistant

Demorest Campus

Marlee Fleming

Human Resources Generalist

B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Karis Fowler

Advisor, Admissions

A.A., Truett McConnell College

B.S., Piedmont College

Shane Free

Campus Security Officer

Regina Fried

Design Manager

B.A., Piedmont College

E. Kenyon Gannon
Director, Academic Technology & Distance Learning
B.A., M.A.T., Winthrop University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia

Kathleen Geeter
Accounts Payable Assistant
B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

David A. Gibbs

Associate Librarian for Collection Development & Information Services

B.A., University of Georgia

M.L.I.S., University of Alabama

Robert T. Glass

Dean of Libraries

College Librarian

B.A., Delta State University

M.Mus., Louisiana State University

M.L.S., University of Southern Mississippi

Donald Gnecco

Dean of the School of Education

B.S., University of Maine

M.Ed., University of New Hampshire

Ed.D., Vanderbilt University

Buddy Hamilton

Janitorial Assistant

Demorest Campus

Kay Hamilton

Janitorial Assistant

Demorest Campus

Judy A. Haygood

Director, Accounts Payable

B.A., Piedmont College

Mitzi Heck

Director, Administrative Services

Athens Campus

A.S., Henry Ford Community College

B.A., Piedmont College

Jennifer Hellwege

Assistant, Janitorial

Demorest Campus

Shahryar Heydari
Associate Vice President, Information Technology
Chief Information Officer
A.A., Butler County Junior College
B.S., M.S., University of South Carolina
Ph.D., Florida State University

Katrina Hill

Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing

B.S., Valdosta State University

M.S., Walden University

Rachel Hines
Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
B.S., University of Washington

Phyllis Howell
Executive Assistant, Academic Affairs
A.A.S., West Arkansas Community College
A.A.S., Arkansas State University
B.B.A., Delta State University
M.A.I.T., Piedmont College

Stephanie Hudgens

Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Affairs

Randall James


Demorest Campus

Jessica Irvin
Administrative Assistant, Vice President of Academic Affairs
B.S., Brenau University
M.B.A., Piedmont College

Jeffery Jenkins

Head Coach, Men & Women Cross Country & Track & Field

B.A., Huntingdon College

M.S., Troy University

Mark Jestel

Director, Residential Education

B.S., Georgia College & State University

M.Ed., Western Carolina University

Evonne Jones

Counselor/Case Manager

B.B.A., M.S.W., University of Georgia

Kenneth Jones

Vice President, Administration & Finance

A.A., University of Maryland

B.A., Texas A&M University

M.A., Woodbury University

Leslie Jones

Administrative Assistant, Walker School of Business & School of Education

B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S., University of Georgia

Christine Kaiser
Lab Coordinator & Educator, School of Nursing & Health Sciences
B.S.N., South Dakota University

Colleen Kearney

Evening Public Services Specialist-Arrendale Library

A.A., Gainesville State College

B.A., Piedmont College

Jane Kidd

Special Assistant, President

B.A., University of Georgia

M.A.I.T, Piedmont College

John Paul Kircher

Director, Golf

Head Coach, Men’s Golf

B.A., Huntingdon College

Kristi Koshuta
Director of Academic Learning Services
Instructor of Math
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Christopher Lawson
Associate System Administrator & Systems Engineer

Michelle Leach

Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions-Athens

A.A.S., Athens Technical College

B.A., Piedmont College

Kammy Leathers

Administrative Assistant

Brian Lentz

Associate Head, Athletic Trainer

B.S., The Pennsylvania State University

M.S., West Virginia University

Dayna Lentz
Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., Carroll University
M.S., West Virginia University

Donna Lewallen
Janitorial Assistant

Joshua Lewallen

Maintenance Assistant

Julie Lewis

Senior Advisor, Financial Aid

B.B.A., Mercer University

Jim C. Love

Maintenance/Plumbing Assistant

Demorest Campus

Walter Lovisek
Campus Security Officer

Susan Martin

Head Coach, Women’s Golf

B.A., Methodist University

Terry Martin

Head Coach, Softball

B.S., Nyack College

M.S., United States Sports Academy

Trey Martin
Assistant Coach, Men & Women Tennis
B.A., M.A., Piedmont College

Jamie McCormack
Head Coach, Volleyball
B.A., Huntingdon College

Tim McCormack
Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Assistant Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
B.A., Huntingdon College
M.A.T, Piedmont College

Ryan McKay
Assistant Coach, Men’s Lacrosse
B.A.Ed., Millsaps College

Matthew McKinney

Head Athletic Trainer

B.S., High Point University

M.S., Marshall University

David R. McMillion

Director, Financial Aid

B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

James F. Mellichamp


B.Mus., Huntingdon College

Diploma, Hochschule fuer Musik, Herford, Germany

D.Mus., Indiana University

Vicki Miller

Manager, Payroll

B.A., Buena Vista College

Justin Miller

Maintenance Assistant

Allison Mills
Assistant, Janitorial

G. Andy Monk

Maintenance Assistant

Greg Neeley

Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

B.S., Ohio Northern University

M.B.A., Piedmont College

Steven D. Nimmo

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

B.A., Monmouth College

M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State University

Catherine Nix

Assistant Director, Financial Aid

B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Jimmy Noble

Campus Security Officer

B.S., Savannah State University

Linda O’Sullivan

Financial Aid Compliance Auditor

B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Caroline Passini
Assistant to the Registrar
B.S., Piedmont College

Sheena Patrick

Associate Registrar

B.S., Truett McConnell College

Laura Patton

Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse

B.S., Ursinus College

M.H.A., King’s College

Gene Pease

Director, Disability Services

B.S., M.S., Southwest Missouri State University

E.d.D., Nova Southeastern University

James A. Peeples

Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

B. A., Westminister College

M.Ed., Slippery Rock University

Danielle Percival
Director, Athletic Communications
B.S., Troy University

Cynthia L. Peterson

Dean, Admissions and Undergraduate Enrollment Management

B.S., James Madison University

M.Ed., Auburn University

Emily Pettit

Dean of Student Engagement and

Director of Career and Counseling Services

B.S., Appalachian State University

M.A., East Carolina University

Jamie Purdy
Head Coach, Women’s Basketball & Senior Women’s Administrator
Assistant Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
B.A., Piedmont College
M.S., Georgia Southern University

Megan Ramsey

Coordinator, Compass Program

B.A., Emory University

Yvette Raymond
B.S., B.A., Accounting, University of Pittsburgh
M.P.M., Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Michelle Reed
Senior Advisor, Financial Aid
B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Miranda Reininger
Assistant Coach, Women’s Lacrosse
B.S., Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

Perry Rettig

Vice President, Enrollment Management & Athens Operations

B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin

Ph.D., Marquette University

Dan Roberts
Campus Security Officer

John Roberts
Director, Marketing and Communication
B.A., University of South Carolina
M.Ed., Columbia College

Justin M. Scali
Head Coach, Baseball
Director, P-Club
B.S., Methodist University
M.B.A., Piedmont College

Casey Sellars

Maintenance Assistant

Chaz Sellers
Maintenance Assistant, Grounds

Grant Seman

Maintenance Assistant

B.F.A., Piedmont College

Joshua Shephard

Maintenance Assistant

Cassie Shirley

Director, Student Accounts

B.B.A., North Georgia College and State University

David Shirley

Maintenance Director

Daniel K. Silber
Vice President, Academic Affairs
B.A., George Washington University
M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

William Simmons

Campus Security Officer

Catherine Simpson-Wiles
Administrative Assistant, Office on Enrollment Management
B.S., Anderson College
M.B.A., Brenau University

Daniel J. Smith
Dissertation Support Specialist
A.A., Truett-McConnell College
B.A., M.A., Ed.D., University of Georgia

Wendy L. Stanley

Coordinator, Regional Admissions

B.A., M.B.A., Wesleyan College

Reggie Starrett

Coordinator, Physical Plant

Beth Steed
Executive Assistant, President
B.A., University of Florida

Brittany Stemmler
Director, Career Services and Compass
A.A., Itawamba Community College
B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
M.S., Mississippi State University

James W. Stephens, III

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

B.A., Piedmont College

Terry Strickland

Director, Campus Security for the Athens Campus

B.S., Valdosta State University

M.P.A., Columbus State University

Assistant, Vice President of Administration and Finance
Coordinator, Title IX
A.A., Gainesville State College
B.A., M.B.A., Piedmont College

Joseph Sutton
Maintenance Assistant of Ball Fields and Grounds

Rhonda Sutton
Coordinator, Administrative Services

Edward C. Taylor

Dean, Walker School of Business

B.S., M.B.A., Morehead State University

Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Renee Tench

Janitorial Assistant

Courtney Thomas


B.A., Brenau University

M.B.A., Piedmont College

James “Chuck” Tidmore
Assistant Director, Athletic Communications
B.S., Huntingdon College

Joanna Tucker

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

B.S., Bob Jones University

Cindy Tinius
Coordinator, Faculty Support & School of Education Student Services
Manager, Office of Woodrow Wilson

Vickie Turner

Director, Institutional Effectiveness

B.A., M.P.A., Piedmont College

Lorenda Vandergriff

Janitorial Assistant

Demorest Campus

Wendell Vonier

Advisor, Graduate Admissions

B.A., Piedmont College

Tracy Weaver
Janitorial Assistant

Denise Welch

Accounting Assistant

Jeffery Whatley
Librarian, Instructional Design & Branch Manager
B.A., University of Alabama
M.A.I.T., Piedmont College

Justin White
Assistant Director, Student Activities and Wellness
A.S., Andrew College
B.S.Ed., Georgia Southwestern State University

Chelsea Wilkes

Coordinator, Operations-Undergraduate Admissions

B.A., Piedmont College

Pamela J. Williams

Assistant System Administrator

B.S., Western Carolina University

M.A.T., Piedmont College

Debbie Zimmerman

Manager, Off Campus Graduate Studies