Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Steven D. Nimmo, Dean

Dr. Steve Jacobs, Associate Dean

Dr. Wallace Hinson, Associate Dean for Fine Arts

“As around the mighty oak tree, clings the ivy vine, 

so around thee dear old Piedmont 

loyal hearts entwine.” (PC Alma Mater)


The School of Arts and Sciences encourages the development of students as individuals, scholars, and thoughtful members of society by fostering critical and creative thinking, scientific inquiry, intercultural awareness, and ethical reflection and action. Seeking to educate the whole student, the School offers a distinctive core curriculum; a full range of academic majors in the arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, and mass communication; mentoring and professional development within disciplines; and opportunities for service and leadership within the College and the larger community.

General Education Philosophy

The primary commitment of the School of Arts and Sciences is to the educational enrichment and multidisciplinary learning of our students in a supportive environment. Through the liberal arts curriculum, the School promotes the development of student learning outcomes which support the effective use of content found in the courses at the College. These student learning outcomes are 1) Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World, including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the fine arts; 2) Intellectual and Practical Skills, including inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, written communication, oral communication, quantitative literacy, and information literacy; 3) Personal Growth and Social Responsibility, including civic knowledge and engagement— local and global, intercultural knowledge and understanding, and ethical reasoning in action.

As a result of the focus of the general education (core curriculum) program, Piedmont College graduates are better prepared to pursue their chosen careers and/or graduate and professional study, and to contribute to shaping the evolving cultural, ethical, political, and aesthetic values important to global citizenship.