Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Administrative Structure

Dr. James F. Mellichamp, President

Dr. Perry Rettig, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Amy Amason Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Kenneth Jones, Vice President for Institutional Resources

Dr. Shahryar Heydari, Associate Vice President for Information Technology 

Margie F. Means, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Human Resources

The College faculty is responsible for the academic program of the College and functions under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. However, the individual disciplinary programs of study offered by the College are managed on a day-to-day basis through a school structure comprised of four schools. Each school includes closely related disciplines. Within each school, departments are responsible for specific disciplinary areas.

School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Steven D. Nimmo, Dean

Dr. Steve Jacobs, Associate Dean

Dr. Wallace Hinson, Associate Dean of Fine Arts and Department of Music Chair 

Department of Art: Christopher Kelly, Chair

Department of Humanities: Dr. Hugh Davis, Chair 

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies: Dr. Steve Jacobs, Chair

Department of Mass Communication: Dr. Dale Van Cantfort, Chair 

Department of Mathematics and Physics: Dr. Michael Berglund, Chair 

Department of Natural Sciences: Dr. Elaine Bailey, Chair

Department of Social Sciences: Dr. Tony Frye, Chair 

Department of Theatre: William Gabelhausen, Chair

Harry W. Walker School of Business

Dr. Edward C. Taylor, Dean

Dr. Patricia S. Sherrer, Director of Graduate Programs

Dr. Stephen C. Carlson, Director of Undergraduate Programs

School of Education

Dr. Donald Gnecco, Dean

Dr. Julie Palmour, Associate Dean (Demorest)

Dr. Clay Crowder, Associate Dean (Athens) 

Department of Art: Christopher Kelly, Chair

Department of Early Childhood Education: Dr. Barbara Benson, Chair 

Department of Exceptional Child Education: Dr. Clay Crowder, Chair

Department of Middle Grades Education: Dr. Katrina Short, Chair 

Department of Music: Dr. Wallace Hinson, Chair

Department of Secondary Education: Dr. Jennifer Betz, Chair  

Department of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Clay Crowder, Chair

Department of Theatre: William Gabelhausen, Chair

Division of Teacher Education: Dr. Susan Turpin, Director

Division of Off-Campus Graduate Studies: Prof. Charles T. Goss, Director

Doctoral Studies: Dr. Charles Lucado, Director

R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Julia Behr, Dean

Dr. Patricia Miller, Associate Dean

Dr. Abbey Dondanville, Associate Dean