Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

EDMG 4499 Internship II (4-8)

This is a Pass/Fail course 

Candidates must take and pass the appropriate GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) contents tests prior to beginning the Internship II teaching semester. Individuals who have not passed the GACE tests will not be permitted to register for Internship II. Candidates may elect to change majors and/or apply to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies. 

Education majors should be aware that prior to Internship II they will undergo a criminal background check as a part of Georgia's pre-service certification. Applications to Internship II may be denied based upon information presented in these background clearances. Before being hired by a Georgia Public School System, another background check including fingerprinting will be conducted by the System. 

Internship II is a full-semester experience during which students work full-time under the joint supervision of a certified teacher(s) and college supervisor at a level appropriate to the certification field. Internship II placements are made at the discretion of the School of Education. Placements will be made within a 50-mile radius of the campus.




EDUC 2251, EDUC 3111, and EDUC 3151. The student must be fully admitted to Teacher Education and have permission of the Dean of Education. Permission to register form required. Application deadlines will be posted in the School of Education.


EDUC 4497 and EDUC 4498.This course serves as the CAPSTONE experience for Early Childhood and Middle Grades majors. PLEASE NOTE: NO CLASSES OTHER THAN THE COREQUISITES CAN BE TAKEN DURING INTERNSHIP II.